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Syed Imran Mehmood

The competitive landscape for battery production in Pakistan includes several global brands as well as a number of local players. While quality standards have been on a gradual slide over the past several decades, customer satisfaction has also taken a back seat, with even expensive, imported batteries routinely failing to perform to international standards. At Force, we believe the customer comes first, and so we strive to make our products to the highest standards of quality and performance. We build batteries that last longer, outperform the competition, and ensure that our customer’s experience with Force products leaves them 100% satisfied. We set up our company with a vision to change the battery manufacturing industry in Pakistan by setting the bar higher than our competitors have ever aspired to be, and prove that our products are superior in every way.

Also, at Force we feel that given the massive energy issues prevalent in Pakistan and the different segments within the battery market, we should use our R&D to develop batteries that serve the needs of our customer and make their lives easier. This is why we are launching our battery products for different segments, including trucks, cars, motorcycles, rickshaws, and Pakistan’s first purpose-built UPS battery. Our vision is to develop the best quality batteries for Pakistan, and for our customers to have the utmost confidence in our products. We believe that we can be the best battery manufacturer not only in the country, but in the region as well as the world. We have the team, expertise and resources to make it happen, and with our nationwide launch we will soon prove to our customers the difference in quality that comes with Force.

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